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AMS Attendance, Becky Torres

      You may notify me regarding your students attendance at the AMS Attendance office by sending a note, a phone call to 409-267-2043, or email

  •      An "excused" absence should not be confused with an "exempt" absence. An "exempt" absence does not count against a student's state allowed absences. Exempt absences can be obtained in the following manner: bring a doctor/dental note to cover a partial day absence (3 class periods); provide a letter from the FFA or 4-H sponsor when your student is involved in an approved extra-curricular activity. Other "exempt" absences include those related to participation in athletics, band, or school sponsored field trips.
  •      Eighteen (18) absences are allowed for the 2009-10 school year.  After 18 absences, the district's duty is to file truancy on the student for missing an excessive amount of days.  An attendance letter will be sent home after five and ten absences.  If the student misses an excessive amount of days, an attendance committee will call a meeting with the parent and student. 
  •      Unexcused absences can result in truancy charges being filed as well.  The student handbook has detailed information regarding these absences.
  •      When picking up or delivering a student to or from school, you must sign him/her in or out in the Attendance Office. Never pick up a student without visiting the Attendance Office.
  •     Messages for your student can be delivered – students are not called from class to talk on the phone.  Please get all messages regarding a change in the method that your child is to use in getting home before 2:30- it may not be possible to get a message to him/her in time, especially if the student has athletics last period.
  •       Students who need to use the phone may come to the Attendance Office – other phones are not for student use.  Phone use is limited to necessity.  Making “after school” plans (such as going to another student’s house to hang out) is not permitted.  Students are not permitted to have cell phones on during school hours.