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Instructional Technology » Technology Integration Matrix (TIM)

Technology Integration Matrix (TIM)

  • Provides a framework for defining and evaluating technology integration
  • Sets a clear vision for effective teaching with technology
  • Gives teachers and administrators a common language for setting goals
  • Helps target professional development resources effectively

The Technology Integration Matrix (TIM) illustrates how teachers can use technology to enhance learning for K-12 students. The TIM incorporates five interdependent characteristics of meaningful learning environments: 
  • active, 
  • constructive, 
  • goal directed (i.e., reflective), 
  • authentic, and 
  • collaborative (Jonassen, Howland, Moore, & Marra, 2003). 
The TIM associates five levels of technology integration (i.e., entry, adoption, adaptation, infusion, and transformation) with each of the five characteristics of meaningful learning environments. 

Together, the five levels of technology integration and the five characteristics of meaningful learning environments create a matrix of 25 cells.

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